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Making Your Home Beautiful Inside & Out

Residential or commercial painting can be enjoyable and fun… until you are unable to pick the right color, painting sheen, and the perfect type of paint for your walls to last for years. Since 2020, Prime Time Painting has been handling interior painting and exterior painting jobs in Lincoln & Minnehaha County and the surrounding areas. If your home is in need of painting and you don’t know your brush from the paint, our commercial and industrial painters are ready to bring your dream home to life. From small, quick touch-ups to larger-scale jobs in both house painting and commercial painting, our courteous crew has 13+ years of experience dealing with all kinds of painting situations and solutions. No job is too big or small for us. Prime Time Painting is ready to help.

                                                        Gorgeous Lasting Results

At Prime Time Painting, LLC, we want every homeowner to feel at home and avoid looking at eye soring colors that don’t reflect any of their styles and preferences. To achieve this, we have professional house painters with over five years of experience, but that’s not all. We use the finest painting products and high-quality equipment available in Sioux Falls to make your interior and exterior painting look refreshing neat and ensure you love it as much as your visitors will.

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Residential or commercial painting can be enjoyable and fun… until you are unable to pick the right color, painting sheen, and the perfect type of paint for your walls to last for years. We pride ourselves on aiming at our clients’ satisfaction, and instead of making this a common and boring process, our staff will guarantee you remain active throughout the process and with zero stress. We want you to enjoy the process as much as the final result so you can look forward to all your projects without considering them a headache. Leave it to our professional painters and how much we want to provide satisfaction.


What Our Clients Say About Us

All I can say is wow. The planning process was absolutely perfect! They listened to what I needed and came up with great solutions. When it came time to get our paint work done they were super professional and also very clean and tidy! They left no mess and the end results where better than I expected. 5*'s all the way! Thank you guys!

Chris Rieger

Satisfied Customer

It’s amazing the difference that a fresh coat of paint makes! If you are looking for a small room update or an entire home color change, Prime Time Painting is the team to work with!

Colten Parker

Another Satisfied Customer

Prime Time Painting did an amazing job painting my living room! They were super easy to work with, and they fit me into their busy schedule! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them! If you're looking for an interior painting or exterior painting company I can't recommend them enough! Thanks for your help Bonnie!

Wyatt Powers

And Another Satisfied Customer

More Than House Painting

Homeowners are kept close to our hearts, but we also know how much commercial owners need us to ensure their properties are attractive and neat to attract new customers and close sales. At Prime Time Painting, we can handle commercial painting and industrial painting in case your needs go beyond the usual home. Regardless of the one you choose, keep in mind that we are able to handle both interior and exterior painting needs, so every corner of your property looks neat. Either if you are building a new property, need a new coat for the paint that is peeling like skin, or just feel like changing colors and trends, feel free to contact us, and our painters will make your dreams a reality.

Why Work with Prime Time Painting?

Unlike other house or commercial painters, we always make sure to keep our clients in mind during the entire process. This means we know you have the first and final words regarding the painting job, and what we deliver is always advice and guidance while also doing our job of using the best techniques, materials, and equipment for a clean painting result. Additionally, we serve the entire community, which means you can rely on our team to visit your property and get the job done regardless of your exact location in South Dakota. Whenever you contact us, expect our team to be qualified, experienced, and with a mindset of communicating every detail while also answering your questions and doubts about what color is the best, the trends you want to follow, the perfect sheen, and many examples of how the final painting will look. 

We Are Always Improving

We are proud of our painting services, but we know we can always do better. This is why we are learning new techniques, adding new equipment, and keeping up with any changes and trends in the painting industry to better ourselves and continuously deliver high-quality services to our customers. As local Sioux Falls painters, we don’t want any homeowner or commercial owner to end up with walls that anyone could tell are ugly or painted in the worst way. Instead, we strive to maintain the community’s appearance and look like a neat and alluring one everyone envies in the cities nearby. We are passionate about what we do and in providing all the services and support the community needs. 

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How Does Prime Time Painting Help You?

So far, we have mentioned residential painting as well as commercial and industrial painting. However, we do more than this. Our team can handle any interior and exterior painting project. Also, deck painting and staining aren’t out of our catalog but rather the opposite as we love working with this area that tends to look old and, instead of a full renovation, just needs the right care.

You can count on us for garage doors, gates, fence painting, and customized painting service needs you have based on your property or space. This means you can consider all our main services, but we are not limited to them as we aim to assist the Sioux Falls community as much as we are able to in the painting industry. If you don’t have a good idea of what service you need or are looking for guidance more than painters for your next project, we are always open to the task! Don’t feel pressured to pick a service right away, and in case you are confused why we mention this, just think about this question: do you need residential painting or interior painting?

The answer? Residential for whenever you have more than one space or interior walls in mind. But this is only the basics around it. Thus, feel free to ask us any doubt, and we will work on the answer and solution.

Prime Time Painting, LLC

Get in Touch with Our Painters in Sioux Falls

Our detailed process ensures that your painting project runs smoothly from start to finish. We deliver exactly what you want and even more as our experts will provide recommendations and new ideas. Also, remember we use only the best products, such as Sherwin Williams, to ensure lasting results that will last.

Our team is fully insured to avoid any issues coming your way and protect our staff. What does this entail for you? The fact that we will protect and respect your home while painting it.

We follow the best preparation steps and won’t leave any dirt, dust, or paint stains on the property as drop cloths and painters’ tape are used. We also pay great attention to the environment. We will talk with you about any concerns or special requests you might have.

We are committed to your satisfaction, and all it takes to access our top services in Sioux Falls is either a call, email, or visit. You’re welcome to place any inquiries and request any of our services all year round.

Prime Time Painting, LLC

All we request to provide you with information is your contact info like email, phone number, and name, and the service you require from our team. In this way, we can get back to you with either a quote or detailed information about how we can solve your painting service needs in the city. But, when should you contact us?

We know painting has been on your to-do list for a while, but with so many responsibilities and projects at hand, it’s common to leave for “later,” which never comes. Our painters at Prime Time Painting will be available to get it done, so you don’t have to worry about time. Our attention to detail and customer service will make you more than happy. Now, you’re not limited to contact us during these moments alone.

If you’re looking for benefits like house painters using top-quality paints and finishes, being meticulous during the process, protecting all your furniture, and more, you’re welcome to get in touch.

Remember that our estimates and color consultations are free, so don’t feel pressured to pay for each question you ask or some services in our business. Contact us at (605) 315-3635 first, and the rest will be discussed! Remember we offer services to the entire Minnehaha County and nearby areas!