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Painting is an important service for any kind of property to boost curb appeal and property value. However, it’s often missed and considered an extra for business owners. For those who don’t know, in commercial spaces, painting plays a crucial role in attracting new customers and ensuring they are boosting their success in any possible way, shape, and form. Painting is so versatile because it can be used for everything from adding a custom mural to the wall to personalized parking lines to changing up the style and feel of a house and everything in between! No matter what kind of industry you operate in, the right kind of painting, color, and style will make a bigger and better impact on your customers. You only get three to five seconds to make a first impression, after all! It will also help to present your business in a more vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching way.

If you’re located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you can rely on our company that offers top-quality results, prides itself in its attention to detail, and care for what our customers want. At Prime Time Painting, we are the neighborhood painting contractor for commercial and house painting, and we are ready and able to bring you the unique solutions you need. Simply let us know the needs of your business space, and we’ll put together a plan together! The exact location or commercial property isn’t a limitation for us as we work with any type of business for our commercial painting service. Just let us know the dimensions in advance or allow our professional painters in Sioux Falls to have a look at your property. From there, we will put a plan together to start working on your painting project together!

As mentioned earlier, the property isn’t a limit for us. Local stores, offices, schools, restaurants, and many others. Just name it, and our team will start working on it as soon as we have established our plan of action. For you to have an idea of the properties we work with, feel free to keep reading before applying for our commercial painting service:

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Local Stores and Shops

It isn’t a secret that in Sioux Falls, SD, every shop, store, boutique, business, and mall needs have quality paintwork and finishes to attract new clients and show how reliable, legit, and safe it is for them so they are picked over their competitors. Remember that painting is more than adding some color; it is your cover letter to all the customers that visit every day and want to buy your products. When inside your store, they expect a certain level of cleanliness and aesthetic experience that makes them feel comfortable while buying and, of course, make them return for more. Since you want to make sure you’re creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, our team at Prime Time Painting will make sure the painting is neat, elegant, and meets all your needs to have a clean space for your customers that will be the best first and lasting impression in them. Trusting us with this commercial painting task will ensure that the bar is raised to the highest standard for your local store or shop.



Offices, Schools and Daycares

Every place with students or children needs to get that calm feeling so each of them can focus while feeling clean and comfortable in their daily activities. For it, choosing the right colors that stimulate their minds and don’t feel overwhelming is crucial. You want a comfortable and soothing environment, not a too hyperactive and disturbing one due to the paint color you choose. Our job is to bring the ideal decorative solutions to any office, school, or daycare so the style and colors can complete the perfect space for students and children. We know our painters can bring your ideas to reality and even make them better.



Restaurants & Cafes

In any restaurant and cafe, the image will be everything during the first impression and for people to think, “yes, I want to buy something to eat and drink here.” While your food or drink is obviously the most important element, the look and environment you create for your clients give them the experience they are looking for at the end of the day. This is why both an exterior paint job to bring the foodie to your door and an interior paint job to keep there will be crucial. Your painting can be the one thing they remember, along with the tasty food or amazing coffee you offer, which will also keep them coming back. It is always in your best interest to have a tasteful design and welcoming atmosphere to make sure that you are cultivating the best experience for your customers. To make it happen, leave it to our professionals so your Sioux Falls food business can have a new and unique look with the results we deliver.



Hospitals, Medical Offices & Dentists

Sanitary conditions for every medical space are related to every single detail. How clean the floors are kept, the materials and equipment issued, but also the paintwork in every corner of the building. It is common for these spaces to be old buildings that are aging quickly or falling apart already. That the green paint or wallpaper is only making it look worse. The best idea you can have to make your patients feel comfortable and in a clean space is to redo the whole painting and live up to their expectations. A clean and clear style of paint is always the most suitable for the healthcare environment, and at Prime Time Painting, we do our best to achieve it for you. Healthy coatings on while the paint will give a clean feel to your space and make a difference with the perception of patients’ health. If you are looking for different and unique colors, our experts will provide advice and recommendations so your healthcare space can be remembered by your patients (in a good way). So, if you would like to freshen up your medical space, your interior space, or the exterior of your office and hospital to create the look that is going to please every patient and put them at ease, turn to our experts in Sioux Falls, SD, and leave the whole commercial painting task to them. Keep in mind our service can involve gates and fence painting if needed.

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Why Rely on Us for Your Commercial Painting?

Our team at Prime Time Painting prides itself on its attention to detail, keeping up with trends, and always using top-quality materials and equipment along with experienced painters to work on your commercial property and make it the next envy in the neighborhood. We are committed to making your business stand out from its competitors, and there’s nothing like a clean and shining paint coat to make it possible. We will be your support and experts during the entire process that will recommend the right colors and tones and tell you which blends and combinations will be better for your type of business. Contact us and give us a call (605) 315-3635 to access the top commercial painting services in Sioux Falls and allow our painters to start working right away with the option of accessing our one-day painters!

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