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Exterior Painting

Let’s make your dream home a reality!

Did you know that exterior painting is just as important as your interior painting? Maintaining the paintable surfaces on the outdoor areas and surfaces of your home or business is huge to boost its curb appeal, and in many ways, it’s even more important than your interior! Just think about a business and what anyone thinks about it whenever they see a horrible appearance with dingy, beat-up walls. Nothing good, right? Since we have all four seasons here in South Dakota, sometimes all in one day, it seems! Your exteriors will suffer without the right paint type. Extreme weather, thunderstorms, and rapidly changing temperatures make it vital for every owner that their exterior paintwork is not only beautiful but properly prepped and applied to ensure longevity and durability. Our specialists at Prime Time Painting have been creating beautiful and durable exteriors that stand up to South Dakota’s flighty weather patterns for eons! Whether our team is protecting the exterior of your concrete tilt-up building, faux finishing your steel garage door, or maybe repainting your vinyl siding to look as stunning as wood, Prime Time Painting has the skills to deliver a range of exterior painting services, no matter the season, exact location, or type of property in the city and surrounding areas.

To give you an idea of how capable we are, our painters can work—but not limited to—with the next surfaces and external spaces:

Siding Painting

External walls tend to be the usual brick or concrete. But did you know that siding is one of the most common materials to use for home exterior and comes in various styles? This is why siding painting is one of our top solutions for owners in Sioux Falls. Since each siding option has its own unique style and look between metal, vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement, you must be careful when working in painting. Depending upon the type of siding, prepping and painting also vary, and with the right ones, the paintwork can last for decades. Here at Prime Time Painting, we leverage our extensive knowledge on the subject and use it to recomment the most durable and economical process for enhancing and protecting your project. As the pros, leave it to us to educate you on what paint will get you the most bang for your buck! The hardest decision you should ever have to make is picking out the color, and we even help you with this process! When contacting us, let our team know in advance (and if possible) what siding you want us to work with, so we can prepare a couple of recommendations. Also, feel free to leave us any ideas about the color and style you’re looking for so we can adjust to your needs and preferences beforehand.

Industrial / Exterior Painting

Stucco, Plaster and EIFS

For those who have been suffering from their stucco all this time, there’s no room for that here! We have been asked many times if we are able to paint stucco, and we are happy to say, “YES!” We know that stucco or EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System) are not that common in the area. There are still many people with them. The bad side is: it’s hard to find painters who can actually deal with them or any exterior plaster system. Luckily for you, we know they can be painted too and thus, have added them to our services. When working with them, just like all of your painting projects, 90% of the work is in protection and prep work. Choosing the right priming and painting materials is vital to ensure the longevity and durability of your stucco surfaces for years to come. For it, you can trust our superior knowledge based on over 15 years of experience, so our painters can guide you to use the right products and processes for a job well done that will last a long time! Give us a call at (605) 315-3635 and let our team know at Prime Time Painting what surface you want us to work with.


Doors & Windows

We don’t leave the smaller areas and surfaces aside. After all, it isn’t just your exterior walls that need quality painting attention; it is all of the finer things too. Lucky for you, our attention to detail is phenomenal, and we always pride ourselves on it. Need an example? Repainting or expressing a vibrant color on your front door has become increasingly popular (and for good reasons). In addition, painting your windows and cleaning them will add the perfect finishing touch to the project and style. So, make sure that you aren’t cutting corners over the smaller, little, but often ignored details that could make a big difference in the appearance of your house. We’re the right painting professionals in Sioux Falls for the task. Just let us know the color and style that you want, and we’ll make sure that the bar is met.

Our professional painters will make sure to recommend the perfect paint color that goes well with the rest of your property, so there’s harmony in every corner.



Fences, Sheds & Decks

Walls? Check! Doors and windows? Check! However, you must be missing these: fences, decks, and sheds. You will definitely want to ensure that all of your exterior installations are protected from our harsh and wild seasons and also brought up to the condition, appearance, and aesthetic that you desire for your whole home. Fences and other exterior elements for your residence or even business provide an excellent opportunity to showcase attention to details and care you can give to your overall curb appeal in residential painting and commercial as well. When you invest a little bit of money, or a relatively small amount of your own time, even, to coat those fences or a residential house with a new or regular layer of stain, you can preserve that investment and delay replacing the items, which can be quite expensive. Painted fences also look great, and your loved ones will likely thank you for giving them some attention!

Your fences, deck, and even backyard shed play a huge role in the appearance of your outdoor spaces, which leads us to mention: they need equal attention when it comes to paintwork and maintenance. Don’t turn a blind eye to them. With our fine and tailored wood paints and stains, you can depend on us at Prime Time Painting for that attention in just the way you envision. Contact us today and request our exterior painting service!

Need an estimate? It’s free!

If you have any doubts about how much our exterior painting costs, you are always welcome to request a quote. Let our team know the surfaces or areas you want us to deal with and if there are special considerations. Before starting our paintwork, we will also pay a visit to see the outdoor spaces and tailor the best plan to get the right type of paint, color, tone, sheen and use our best equipment to achieve the desired results. Count on us at Prime Time Painting to serve you in Sioux Falls and all surrounding areas. We can work with both residential and commercial properties, so you always have the #1 services in the area, even if it involves a one-day painting project. Call us at (605) 315-3635 to get started!