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Have you ever thought about fence painting? Or maybe adding a new color to your garage doors and gates! We can guarantee that these small yet crucial changes will add value, appeal, and style to your home or business. All it takes is to use the best painting contractors in Sioux Falls, SD, to guarantee quality and long-lasting paintwork. 

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Fence Painting


A fence is a vital protective element of your property. It can be your best friend when it comes to home invasions and keeping criminals out. Drab fences can take away from your Sioux Falls homes’ curb appeal. If you need quality fence painting, interior paintingexterior painting, or industrial painting in Sioux Falls, you can always trust the team at Prime Time Painting. We can have your fence painted in a short period of time with our painting and staining solutions. However, why would you decide to paint it if protection and safety are what you’re looking for? Because this element turns into a crucial part of your outdoor spaces and appeal once you decide to install it. Sometimes, all it takes to add value to your home is simple fence painting instead of using the naked or wore out wood that doesn’t look good at all. But whenever you decide to tackle this project, make sure professional painters will always be there for you as they can save you time but also money while guaranteeing quality and the best style. Here in Sioux Falls, we offer quick, affordable, and dependable services and can handle all types of fences, such as wood or vinyl. Call us today at (605) 315-3635 to receive the most professional and affordable fence painting assistance in the Sioux Falls area and all South Dakota.

Gate Painting


A metal gate is usually made from steel or wrought iron, and the hue of the metal can make a big difference in how it appears and the impression it gives off. If the metal gate around your house requires a new coat of paint, you can either do it yourself or hire our painting contractors in Sioux Falls to do the painting for you. We offer a wide variety of color options to bring the look of your metal back to life; however, the type of paint that we use will depend on what kind of finish you’d like to achieve. If you would like to find out more about our metal gate or fence painting, reach out to us today.

The question is, do you actually need it? We know people consider that gate painting isn’t required as the metal tends to look good on its own. However, for how long? Metal, any type of it used for gates, tends to wear out pretty fast, and you end up losing your money right after the investment. This happens even more often when you live near the beach or sea overall. The role of paint for your gates is to guarantee their durability and longevity, and then comes the appealing feature that makes them look good as part of your outdoors. 

Special paint is used for gates and every single surface, which is why you need to remember that regular paint for walls isn’t the same, and you will always need to prepare the metal properly if you want the main coat to last for years. Luckily, our team knows how to work with the right type of paint according to the metal used and ensure the techniques and equipment for gate painting deliver the top result for your home in Sioux Falls.




They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, beauty is also in the paintbrush. Paint transforms your garage doors from a tired and beaten-up eyesore into an object of envy and admiration in your neighborhood and business. No matter how hard you try to keep your garage door safe and looking good, it’s bound to get dirty eventually. Before you know it, that dirt and grime will start to show on the finish of your glossy door, and you’ll start to detest it. But don’t worry – we offer professional garage door painting services in Sioux Falls that will keep your garage door looking its best year-round. Our garage door painting company makes your garage doors stand out, which adds value to your home or business. If you’d like a free quote with our painting company at Prime Time Painting for garage door and fence painting, then give us a call today!

Remember that your garage door also plays a vital role in the whole appearance of your home, which means you can have stunning exterior painting, but if your garage door looks awful, do you think people will pay attention to the actual part you worked in? We doubt it. This is why you must remember that every corner, surface, and space of your home matters, and we will be more than happy to help with each of them. This includes the desired garage door painting service, but also exterior painting, fence painting, all our previous services, and many more. 

Why Choose Us for Your Fence, Garage Doors & Gates Painting

For years, we have strived to deliver the best painting services in Sioux Falls, SD, as part of the industry. For it, we have made sure to add qualified painters, use the top quality materials newest equipment, rely on new techniques for quality and speed, and give our 200% in every single paintwork we perform for our clients in the city and nearby areas. Thus, you can bet we are not bragging or confident alone; we know we can get the results you want and need! Prime Time Painting is proud to work with both residential and commercial owners trying to get a handle on their projects and curb the appeal of their properties. This means you shouldn’t hesitate to get the job done with us and instead, let us do the job in record time. 

Additionally, we are a family-owned business, and each of our painting services and projects is supervised by our owner, Bonnie Carlson, along with her lovely family. This helps us connect better with you and your painting needs as we understand what every homeowner goes through and how businesses want to stay at the top of the competition when attracting new clients and to retain old ones. Leave your fences and gates to us, and we won’t disappoint. 

To get in touch with our painting contractors, feel free to call us anytime and request your FREE quote or even paint consultation, which is completely free of charge as well. We are open to any questions, queries, and doubts, and rest assured we will be more than happy to answer them to our best ability.