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Professional House Painting in Sioux Falls


You may think your home is old and it’s time to move, but have you thought about changing the paint color for your residential painting and bringing a new look and, therefore, fresh appeal to the spaces? Don’t jump to buying a new home when you can continue making great memories where you are! Or if you got a new one, what it may need to be the perfect home is a new paint coat. Remember, in every residential home or property, painting has an important role many ignore. As the finishing touch of any project, paint can achieve almost any desired effect you want it to have, especially considering that we all want to decorate our homes and we always want to produce something that truly captures our style. What you may not know is that quality paintwork can help you achieve that, and at an affordable and long-lasting way thanks to the endless options for colors and tones.

But if you want to have a clean and stunning result, a professional team of residential interior house painters in Sioux Falls is required. Make sure you trust their judgment and have a unique vision to bring your ideas and dreams to reality. At Prime Time Painting, we can cater to almost any request and still deliver the high standard that you are looking for. We cover the entire Sioux Falls area and nearby locations and surrounding areas to help you with every corner in your home. We deliver the finest work in house painting and would be stoked for the opportunity to bring our incredible work into the place you live!



Changing Your Spaces into Magical Ones

Residential painting involves more than bedrooms and living rooms and every internal and external space in your home. Therefore, count on us to handle any of these projects:


External House Painting


Although interior painting steals the show for most families, your exterior walls matter, and they can be the curb appeal you’ve been waiting for! You don’t need to work harder on your landscape. Maybe what you’ve needed all this time is a new coat. Thanks to us, your exterior painting can finally bring your little piece of the American dream right here in Sioux Falls. When your exterior starts to fade, your investment can begin to look a bit lackluster, and losing that curb appeal is a painful sight. Rest assured that with us, it won’t happen again. Whether you have wood, brick, siding, or stucco, you can depend on us to guide you in selecting the most suitable product so your exteriors look neat and clean. When you trust us with your exterior painting project, you will see how we bring the very best out in your home!

Feel free to let us know a style you have in mind or if you want our house painters to take inspiration from other homes, properties, or photos. If not, and instead, you want some advice and ideas, we are open to sharing many during the planning process!

Interior Painting

As much as exterior painting can exchange your home’s value, we know interior painting is often the most important part to get done since you spend your time watching those walls and following your daily routine. It’s the place where you’ll spend just about all of your time at home. You would think it would go without saying that you want the best look for your constant surroundings. Don’t you want every room to feel comfortable and inviting for your family and friends during their visits? Maybe for gatherings? Some rooms will call for your unique style or a particular specialized coating. You can rely on our house painting company in Sioux Falls, SD, for every interior need. We have a complete range of great colors, patterns, or faux finish options for your interiors and home paintwork. Leave it to our professional interior painters, and rest assured that your walls will look stunning. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or any other space in your home. We are up for the challenge of exchanging those areas and making them enjoyable and pleasant for every family member and visit.

Interior Painter | Residential Painter



There’s no way we will forget about doors. They are always going to play an important and rather obvious role in your home, both inside and outside. As simple as it may sound, something we use so much really deserves our attention, and you have no idea of how much a new color or coat can change the appeal of your home without even changing the walls or repainting them. Doors are worth incorporating in your painting project and following your own style into the aesthetic whenever it’s time to make improvements or just change up your home’s style. With so many options for wood paints and stains available, we’re certain that you won’t have a problem finding just the perfect blend for your doors at home, be it for your rooms, garage, gates, and even fences outside of your house. Leave it to our painters and staff to upgrade them and add a stylish and fresh look that you’ll love.

Why Choose Us for Residential Painting


We know there’s a bunch of house painters in Sioux Falls, SD, and all of them offer services that could meet your needs. However, what sets us apart from them is our attention to detail, how we strive to satisfy your needs and preferences but still go beyond them, and the top quality materials and equipment we include during our projects. At Prime Time Painting, we want to make sure you have a house that reflects your personality and yet connects with anyone else living in it, even those who visit from time to time. If you don’t tell us, “I love it!!” once we finish, we won’t feel our job is done perfectly. To achieve this result, we work on our plan of action with you and always keep you close to every step and decision in the paintwork our painters in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas perform. Allow us to serve you our premier residential painting service and work in every corner for your old or new home. We know what it takes to get the perfect result and increase the curb appeal of your property. If you want to sell it and feel its value could be higher, our excellent paintwork will guarantee a higher value in the market and ensure the new owners are happy and pay according to the investment you’ve made with our services. Is it a new home for your family? Our painters will ensure that every family member expresses themselves by picking the colors and being advised by our pros regarding the right tone and sheen for each room.

“I have an old house.” If you feel more identified with this, don’t worry. Prime Time Painting knows how to work with either new or old houses, and we will make sure to assess the place before starting. Only expect top residential painting services from us and how much we strive to make your home the perfect one with our work.

Need a quote or estimate? Contact us today at (605) 315-3635 as it is completely free regardless of your painting idea or project.