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Industrial Painting

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Industrial Painting 

When you think about any painting project, people always stick to the idea of designs, styles, and aesthetics. But if you are working in the industrial sector, you will know that industrial painting is more than how it looks and, instead, more about how long it lasts. This is because paint often plays an important and functional role in all industrial operations, starting with helping to get better results from certain kinds of products and materials and ensuring the space isn’t damaged or requires constant paintwork. Industrial painting has the main goal of adding longevity and durability to a surface or material and helping to control temperatures and mitigate the effects of rusting. All it takes (but is not as easy as is seem) is selecting the right kind of paint for the surfaces and the perfect team of painting contractors in Sioux Falls you can rely on for your local painting service needs. Prime Time Painting is the #1 in Sioux Falls, and you can rest assured that our team knows how to handle this task without delays and issues.

We can offer the finest industrial painting services and products anywhere in the city of Sioux Falls, SD, and can take care of any complex needs you may have. All you simply need to do is to give us a call at (605) 315-3635 and let us know the kinds of industrial needs you have, and we would gladly bring you the tailored painting service that you need from a painting contractor you can trust.

Keep in mind that our service includes advice, planning, and the entire process of getting it done to the point of seeing a satisfied smile on your face.

Machinery Painting 

Any business using industrial machinery knows that maintenance on each machine is important. Any of them is down; it could be the difference between making or breaking it in your business. To avoid defects and unnecessary breakdowns, we will keep your machinery in the best shape possible at all times, which means mitigating the effects of wear in any possible way. By applying the right type of industrial paint, you can do just that with our help at Prime Time Painting. Our team will help you protect all your machinery against the effects of rusting, abrasive wear, temperature issues, and any other problem that comes with metal surfaces and more. Just let our team know the problems you are facing and your experience so far. In this way, we will come up with the solution for your machinery, and our team will take care of the rest.

Industrial Painting

Metal Surface Painting 


Metal surfaces are very common in industrial spaces, yet people still don’t know how to deal with them properly as they believe any type of paint will do as long as it says “metal” on the tag. Keep in mind that metal surfaces are present in more than machinery, and each of those areas needs special attention and, usually, different paint. From metal flooring to wall panels, and doors to vaults and holds, metal is always used in important installations and all paints used are different. In order to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck for the longest time, industrial painting is always crucial in this manner. Prime Time Painting has a wide range of tailored metal paints, each with its own stylish looks, to help you continue to get value from your metal installations over time.

We will assess each surface, determine what’s the best paint for it, and start working based on the colors and tones you want, as industrial painting isn’t actually limited to the common neutral colors.


Concrete Painting 


After metal (or maybe before it), concrete is a very common material that is painted and is one that can be seen in all kinds of industrial spaces. It’s often used in construction or supportive ways, so it plays an integral role in the long-term stability of space and building. For these reasons and more, you want to be doing all you can in the way of protection, which tailored concrete paint can handle for you. Our excellent concrete paint products are great at water and moisture resistance and create a strong seal around the material. Thus, if you plan having your concrete installations for the longest time, our concrete painting service might be the best thing that could happen to your spaces. We’d be happy to help you here at Prime Time Painting, so your concrete surfaces and corners are all covered and ready to rock with the rest of your spaces!

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Benefits of Industrial Painting

If you’re still in doubt about why you need to invest in your industrial painting project, we can give you a couple of reasons:


It Prevents Corrosion

Most businesses and industries want to make sure the industrial coatings are guarding against rust and corrosion, so their equipment and materials, which are usually quite expensive, last for years instead of a couple of months. Although we mentioned equipment and surfaces could be exposed to water, this isn’t the only reason. The highly caustic chemicals in most industries tend to be the main reason behind the damage and corrosion of the equipment.


Fireproofs Equipment

Not all industrial painters in Sioux Falls work with them, but at least at Prime Time Painting, we worry about including industrial painting products that include an intumescent fireproofing layer. This will add great value and safety to your facility. All the equipment will be safe from any fire threat, especially when dealing with chemicals or any inflammable liquids and materials. Adding this special paint will also contain its spread if a fire ever takes place.


Reducing Energy Consumption

Yes, believe it or not, the right paint coat can save you lots of money in energy.

The perfect coating should be able to improve energy efficiency in your facilities, and thus, it shouldn’t be overlooked. This is often considered a must for large-scale facilities in Sioux Falls and nearby areas considering how all four seasons come with energy expenses at different degrees. Also, you will ensure your employees are more comfortable and ensure efficiency when operating your machinery and other equipment.

Most Affordable Prices in Sioux Falls

Our team understands the importance of industrial paintwork to countless businesses, and this includes commercial painting in the Sioux Falls region. This is why we want to make sure you can access reliable services, and for it, we do our best to deliver the quality industrial painting at affordable prices. You are free to access our services anywhere around, and we always strive to deliver the finest quality examples. Give us a call today (605) 315-3635 to handle your industrial painting needs and ensure you continue operating efficiently and effectively for decades!