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Interior Painting


The interior of your home can look fresh all year round with a new look under the plan of our painters at Prime Time Painting craft for you. You can count on us for a new look. When choosing a new color for the walls in the room you are working in, as we know, this can always be a tough decision when you’re interior painting. Still, when you finally decide on a color, it’s important to have it done right the first time to avoid spending more time and money. As an interior painting company in Sioux Falls, we only use the best products for your home and walls. When working with our team, we will take the headache out of your painting project, and you will enjoy the process as much as the final result.

Feel free to contact us and request a free estimate regardless of your location in the Sioux Falls area. Don’t feel pressured to pay for anything, as our quotes are free of charge for any resident. Call us today for more info!

Preparing to Paint Interior


Versatile & Affordable

It is never easy to find an accessible and versatile interior painting service in Sioux Falls, SD. But when you are able to, your home decorating will turn into a dream project as working on your interiors, and the paint you use will change everything greatly. After all, the part of your property and house where you spend the majority of your time is in the interior of your home. Whether that’s in your living, bedrooms, or kitchen spaces, these areas are at the center of your family life. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should want your household’s interior to reflect you, your family, and all of your unique style. The beauty of interior painting is that you can customize the environment to be welcoming and represent every family member. It is possible by adding a couple of touches to each person’s space with their favorite paint colors, patterns, or faux finishes. Just let your creativity flow with the assistance of professional painters. At Prime Time Painting, we know each person has their own passions and personality, and they want it reflected in their own spaces. Since we are more than aware of this, one of our pride is how good we are at achieving this. As the #1 team of household interior painters and residential painters found anywhere in the city of Sioux Falls, you can count on us to make all your color wishes, style, and appearance for your home come true!

Just leave it to our professionals, and they will make sure to recommend the best colors, find the right tone for your preferences, and the type of sheen we pick for you is going to be exactly what you want for your space. Let your interior walls shine and become the heart of your home as they should be.

While doing so, rest assured that our interior painting service will be affordable for your pocket and versatile. You have the first and last word regarding the project, and we won’t charge more than what is set during our deal.

Painting Your Interior Spaces

Wondering what we are able to paint for you? Well, pretty much every interior wall is an eyesore for your daily activities, or maybe you just want to change paint colors to give it a new and fresh look and feel. Some of the spaces (but not limited to them) include:


Walls & Ceilings

We can work on choosing the right color, paint, and style for your walls and ceilings in general. All this process can be overwhelming as this involve almost or every corner in your home. This is why we do our best to make it enjoyable and finish it in no time. Now, should the ceiling be the same color as the walls? What about mixing colors? When you are going through this process, the needs of your home and family are always the first consideration we take. If you have the usual problem of hands that are constantly upon your walls, you may want to consider a specific finish, color, or luster than someone who has afternoon tea with her bridge club in the formal foyer. Needs are individual! From your living room to your garage to your kitchen, these are spaces that need to be painted with attention to delivering the best look based on the space and its purpose. In other words: it isn’t a good idea to use the same color everywhere.

When you finally decide it’s time to get the walls painted or remove that awful popcorn ceiling, we are able to deliver the best interior paint jobs Sioux Falls has to offer. We create even and consistent paintwork that will give you the surfaces you’ve dreamed about, and your home will be clean, vibrant, and stunning. When we finish, you will want a new coat for every part of your home.

With our broad array of different colors, styles, and finish options, we’re certain our painters will help you transform your space without delay. Contact us today to get your ceilings and walls transformed.



Kitchens & Bathrooms

Tired of the old look? Transform your kitchen and bathrooms today! Those two are spaces that have to deal with getting wet and damp every single day, so a simple paint type won’t be enough to satisfy your needs. After all, it’s easy for these spaces to have molding issues if you are not making use of the right kinds of products. Do you want mold around your house? We doubt it!

Luckily, when you decide to trust us with your kitchen and bathroom painting, none of that will ever be a concern. This is all thanks to our team and how it makes use of tailored water-resistant paints with all kinds of these jobs while still bringing the same wide range of color choices to your project. Count on us Prime Time Painting to get your surfaces covered, protected, and beautiful in the most-used spaces of your home!



Faux Finishes

Painting is more than walls and ceilings. Faux finishes are also crucial, and if you are part of the group of homeowners looking for more than normal paintwork, you’ve come to the right place. Our luxe faux finishes will give your space a stunning and elegant look. These long-practiced and perfected techniques give truly unique looks to any surface that they are applied to, and, for many people, they are the ultimate choice in a quality home aesthetic. You can bet they will look more than just great! Thus, rely on us if ole paint isn’t your bag and instead want your local painting company to offer and achieve the different and luxurious look that you can obtain with these finishes.


Affordable Prices

At Prime Time Painting, we pride ourselves in offering some of the very best prices anywhere in the Midwest. We want to bring quality to Sioux Falls and every resident and business owner in it. So, we do our very best to always give the fairest price without sacrificing quality for your home interior painting project! We will make sure every person in Sioux Falls and all over South Dakota has access to the highest quality residential, commercial, and industrial painting services, along with many other solutions. Expect exceptional care, quality, and attention from our staff and experienced house painters and professionals. All it takes is a call (605) 315-3635.