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At Prime Time Painting, we are fully to our role of being the leading provider of painting services in the city of Sioux Falls, and most areas in South Dakota as long as there is a localized customer in need of our painting services.

We understand just how important a painting project can be to our clients and the positive impact it can bring to their lives, and to their homes or commercial properties. Our end goal is to have you wake up each day in a fresh and inspiring home, only to head to work for just the same feeling. That is why we continue to bring our outstanding painting services to both residents and companies in our region, always delivering the highest possible quality.

Whenever you trust in us for your painting services and surface coating needs, we make sure we are offering you custom solutions and sourcing the highest-grade products as a painting company. We want to assure that you will get the very best caliber work, no matter what your unique request may be.

Of course, providing top painting services in the area isn’t an easy task, but thanks to our qualified house painters and great professionals in industrial, exterior, commercial painting and more, we never fall behind with what our clients need. Thus, feel free to rely on us for high quality paintwork and support.

Painting Materials

What We Offer

Our services vary and adjust according to every resident in the city and surrounding areas. Residential painting is, without a doubt, the most requested and needed service of all. When it comes to it, we offer the full scope of services that any Sioux Falls resident could need. Both interior and exterior painting falls into our broad skill set, as well as the full project of residential painting that involves every corner and area in your home.

However, we don’t like to be limited to houses and residential properties. This is why commercial painting as well as industrial painting are offered with tailored options for your walls, ceilings, wet rooms, and of course, the exterior of your home or other outside structures.

Thanks to our effort in offering a wide range of services, you can enjoy any of this and have the help of qualified and experienced painting contractors in Sioux Falls:

House Painting

Any wall in your home will be shining with the right paint color and sheen that reflects your personality and style. We strive to make you enjoy every corner in your property where you spend time the most or, at least when you do, you’re able to relax or get the appeal you’ve always wanted for your dream home.

Interior Painting

If you have a more detailed and specialized project, you can request our interior painting service for both residential and commercial properties. We will make sure you internal areas are pleasant for all your customers or when spending time in your favorite rooms.

Exterior Painting

First impressions? These come whenever someone looks at your exteriors and say, “Wow!” They are hard to get and guarantee people are in love with everything, but you will notice how a fresh and unique paint coat can achieve the result you want. Our painters will deliver the best exterior painting service so your walls are making everyone wish they picked the same colors and sheen for their homes or busiensses.

Prime Time Painting, LLC

Deck Staining & Staining

This outdoor space in your property is often mistreated because you don’t know what to do. To make things worse, the weather never helps if you want to keep them shining and a great place to spend time alone, with your family or friends. Licky for you, we are able to make your deck look like new with the right stain and paint. In a matter of hours or few days, you will have a space everyone will want to be in.

Commercial Painting

Did you know that your exterior painting says a lot about your business? If it is ugly or peeling, there’s no way people will decide to buy your products or have a meal at your restaurants. At Prime Time Painting, we take care of this paintwork and guarantee your clients will come back over and over again for how refreshing your interior spaces are but also how stunning your external walls look.

Gates, Garage Doors & Fence Painting

We don’t let any area or space go missing during paintwork. Believe it or not, your doors or fences play a crucial role in attracting people’s eyes, or just enhancing your property’s value without adding expensive décor and items for your landscape. All it takes is the right paint color, type, and experienced hands for the job. Leave it to us and enjoy stunning corners and details that go well with the rest of your painting project.

Industrial Painting

Machinery, metal surfaces, equipment, and much more. Industries and facilities have it tough when it comes to avoiding corrosion and any accidents while guaranteeing their machinery and materials are durable and long-lasting. Fortunately, you have no idea how the perfect paint coat can solve this problem. Using the perfect type that prevents corrosion and fireproofs your items is our duty. We will make sure at Prime Time Painting that you get all the benefits of investing in your industrial painting in the short and long term.

One-Day Painting

Be it house painting or commercial paintwork, we are able to deliver the best result in a matter of 24 hours so you are able to enjoy your space or prepare for a special ocassion without worrying about how you are going to get the walls and areas done so they look neat and unique. We know a day sounds impossible, but thanks to our great painters in Sioux Falls and their skills to finish specific jobs in a couple of hours, this one-day painting services will be your best friend from now on.

Best Painting Services in Sioux Falls, SD

Our specialized familiarity with garage door painting, door refinishing, industrial paint as well as faux finished for your walls and other structures, is what drives most Sioux Falls residents to rely on us for their painting projects. After all, our knowledge and experience give us a very well-rounded skill set to draw from.

Our commercial services appeal to any busy Sioux Falls business owner or manage who needs a paint job! As well as our residential services for homeowner, real estate agents, or sellers trying to get the most out of their properties! Whether you are a residential owner, have a boutique store, a donut shop, restaurant, detailing sjop, or other properties, you can rely on us for your painting service needs. Our professional solutions can provide all your commercial painting or industrial painting needs. Every high-quality service we offer is performed from start to finish with the best products and the most excellent people we can put forward.

If you know the service(s) you need already, you’re welcome to call us at (605) 315-3635 anytime or send our team an email with your query. You can request an estimate, ask for our house painters and experts, or for any advice regarding a painting project that have been running in your mind for a while. We’re open about providing consulting and support, and always expect these whenever you request one of our services, be it for residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Prime Time Painting serves you with the utmost care and attention and our staff and team are looking forward to working with you!